View from the saddle – the new girl

Said it before and I’ll say it again: there’s three types of Sugar Babies:

1. Women who can’t manage their own lives
2. High priced whores running a better scam
3. Women who just want to meet a guy with money

The new girl is a clear-cut number three. She’s one of those girls who has a really pretty face, but has packed on weight. 32 puts her in the prime age category.

She doesn’t want an allowance, she just wants a guy who can treat her well. Where I am right now, that’s a good thing. I just spent five figures in addition to borrowing a quarter mil on the new house, and my credit cards are declining from 50% usage (and if ya know me, I just don’t do that). The house was a HUGE gift to myself and I didn’t hold back.

We met for a drink and I got there first, so I got us a table at the bar. I had a beer and she had a vodka drink (can’t stand that flavored vodka, but it’s a phase everyone goes through). Right off the conversation is great. She DOES have a nice rack and she’s showing a tasteful amount of it. She’s a nurse, she knows the score with Sugar Babies, she’s cool for a once-a-week at least meeting. She’s a good kisser.

She wants me to trim my beard, but any woman would. The thing would get me on Duck Dynasty at this point.

I don’t see this as a ‘wild sex in the hay barn’ relationship – more of a ‘really looking forward to seeing you again’ relationship. Like I said, after this year, it’s what I need.

More as it happens!



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