Another speed bump on the journey

So, I saw the SB again today.

First she couldn’t show up until after 4pm, then it was 5:30pm. That was irritating, but it’s just a second date for dinner, and she plans to hit the hot tub with me.

She comes over and we decide to walk the property first. First thing I see – the Little Treasure (my daughter) has left the water running to the horse trough (again). Thing is, now we have a well, and she’s had it on all day.

Pump that well dry and you get to drill another one. That is thousands of dollars. I swallow this and go on with the tour. She really likes the horses.

We go back inside the house and she sees Booger – my daughter’s cat, one of three.

She’s allergic to cats.

We went on to have dinner as her allergies start to catch up with her. She was here two hours and left wheezing – no hot tub. She’s wanting to see me again, but it’s a no-win. Even when the Little Treasure is out of here (and that’s going to happen SOON), I have a cat named Marley and he’s not going anywhere. He’s earned his place here.

So she doesn’t know it yet, but the new Sugar Baby is on her way out. Damn shame, too, because she had all of the other check boxes checked. I have no respect for someone who’d bag one of his/her pets for a relationship, and I’d never do it myself. Meanwhile there’s no work-around for this. The cats go everywhere, their fur ends up everywhere, it’s a fact of life.

Oh, well. It happens. Probably a few more dates to let her down easy

More adventures as we go!



5 thoughts on “Another speed bump on the journey

  1. I’m allergic to cats too, but I only get mild allergies and only if I touch them or have to roll around in bed where the cat also happens to sleep. She could take allergy medicine before she goes to your house.

  2. Question for you: suppose a woman is less than honest in her profession due to intelligent marketing or cultural bias (meaning, she faces bias about age or Hell hath no fury like a superior who finds out she has participated in this lifestyle)…is it really black and white, as one of your other posts suggests? Let’s assume she uses one of these websites and isn’t honest because she is a professional, but is honest immediately with you? I don’t like “rules”, because I feel there is always a rational exception. I also work in an industry (media) that is brutal to women regarding age, and I live in Asia. You don’t exist if you are not 28. Some sign contracts stating they will lie on their wiki pages. So I enjoy reading men’s views on women to enjoy the insight presented. You also happen to be a witty and gifted writer. A compliment from one pro writer to another, but I am lazy online:) No need to answer if this is a hassle but I do enjoy your insight.

    • If there’s a good reason like that, then you have to live in the real world.

      I was in sales. I had to be a liberal conservative, atheist Christian, etc. Other peoples’ bigotry and bias has to be compensated for

      Good question- thanks!

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