Worst scammer EVER

Oh, my droogies – she was just terrible at scamming. It was a shame to see.

She friends me, and then she does nothing. I’m about to delete her, so before I do, I ask why she friended me, and I’m informed that it’s because “I’m so hot!”

OK, my droogies: lesson one: if you’re going to lie, fold a little truth in there. No one 50 is ‘so hot’.

She’s trying to be a long term kinda Sugar Baby, looking for her man. She wants to live on a farm and have animals – this is all according to her profile, so I give her some credit for legitimacy. She spends the afternoon blowing up my email and wow, does she ever like everything I do.

So we should meet – what’s your schedule like.

Big thing, she’d rather drive the 10.5 hours from Orlando, FL, than fly for the first meeting. Problem is – she has no money. $200 would be fine for her to come here.

Warning bells! Warning bells! No one wants to do that, even if you don’t like flying. Either she’s fleeing something and ANYTHING has to be better than her current situation, or she has no intention of leaving once she gets here, because she want’s to trade all of the convenience of flying for all of the security of driving, if she can’t afford to go home when she wants.

Meanwhile, they’re about to turn her phone off. Any minute – definitely today. She needs me to pay her phone bill.


Seriously? If you’re going to scam, you scam for $60? She could go dance for that. OK, she’s sent the “This is me” pictures of her that I insist on. I’m beer-money interested. I PayPal her $60

She IMMEDIATELY needs more for rent. She’s been kicked out, but her landlord (with whom she’s got no lease) won’t let her back in. I tell her, “That’s illegal, all you have to do is call a cop and he’ll let you back in to your room,” but “IT’s easier just to pay.”

This escalates to “I’m crying and I’m starving and I don’t know what to do!”

Seriously? I met you on this day, you have no interest in fixing the situation, just give you, a stranger, a bunch of money?


“Sure – send me naked pictures of you,” I say, because she’s supposedly in her car.

I immediately get a pussy shot. No, no – something more all over.

A couple pictures of her in a bikini, in different places. Whoops!

“I – I can’t send you more pictures. I’m in my car. Pay my rent!”

Now I’m bored of it. At least I wasn’t mean to her. I told her she was running a really bad scam and she didn’t have the chops for it. She starts sending me more pictures. Wow – is this chick ever emaciated, and the ones that seem newer don’t have her showing her teeth.

Probably a meth-head. It’s a shame that there’s a market for these broads, but come on! You have to have a brain to trade on your looks. Don’t hunt in the place where smart people go to meet women.

It’s all a part of the game, my droogies.



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