I hate this time of year

Sorry for the long hiatus, my droogies, but I really hate Christmas and everything about it sets me off. Now that we’re past it, we can get back to normal operations

First, an update on the last two contestants, both of which were predictably wash outs.

The one in Hotlanta seemed to be a really nice girl, but she straight up refused to say what she wanted. Also, she just didn’t have the time to meet. Her pre-Christmas solution was to meet 1/2 way in Chattanooga at 9pm, have a late dinner and then drive home, meaning that yours truly would have been arriving at 2am.

Why not stay the night? Well, for one, the horses, dogs and cat would have been pretty pissed off at me for not feeding them, and then kiddos haven’t been real supportive in their normal baby-sitting job.

The Little Treasure (my daughter) has herself back on the outs again, thinking she’s going to marry this factory worker next May. Hey – I did menial labor at his age, but I did it while going to college and improving myself. This asshole just has no interest. She likes him because he’s a pussy and just obeys her, and right now she’s giving riding lessons and thinking that $30k/yr is a lot of money. Granted, not bad for a 20 year old, but it makes her completely unreliable and she STILL wants to get an allowance from me, because she spends it fast than she can make it.

When I didn’t get a Christmas present from her and, in fact, she got extra money from me and spent it on gifts for my ex wife, she got back on the ‘rediscover reality’ program, and this time she’s on her own until she drops the factory worker.

The other SB from North Carolina was an almost – but she wanted to come out here and have me put her up in a hotel. Seriously – what the hell is that? If I were a city dweller (like I was in Everett) then I’d have actually preferred it, but here in East TN putting her up like that means no less than a 1/2 hour drive to see her, one way, and for what? The house I just had custom built is huge – she can have her own room. She wouldn’t explain what she thought she was getting, then she stopped communicating, so I figure that’s the best of all worlds.

On to better things – the NEW girl (of course, there’s a new one) is coming out a week from next Thursday. Pretty girl, younger than I usually like, understands that sex is going to be involved and wants that (and to spend some quality time in the hot tub). Of the three types of SB’s, she’s the type that’s looking for a man who isn’t a bum, after a string of bums.

I have high hopes for this one. I’ve seriously considered ditching the whole SD role, but then what do you move on to? I simply don’t meet people who aren’t clients, and no good comes from that. Women my age are usually so packed with baggage if they’re still single that it’s not worth the effort, and I just can’t go do the whole bar scene, not that there’s much of one in Knoxville, TN.

So think good thoughts for your SD.

Always yours