And so it progresses with the new girl

Hello, my droogies. Hope you all had a great new year and Christmas, and now have removed those big, brown Christmas trees from your living rooms before they burn your houses and apartments down

Well, been getting to know the NEW GIRL. She’s a 22 year old from Ohio, which is about a $400 plane trip away, which she’s making next Friday

Kind of a long wait, but most people need a break from the holidays.

She hasn’t asked for an allowance or a budget or even a gift, which is VERY strange. I have a feeling from her pics that she’s heavier than she lets on – which I could care about because I need to drop some winter weight now, too. I did hear from her today that her land lord wanted $600 more from her, but what her landlord was asking for was illegal, and that was it.

Usually you expect the “I’m the helpless damsel, send me money via PayPal” thing. It just hasn’t happened.

Meanwhile, I found out that “She isn’t bi, but she likes to fuck women,” which is a new one. She’s very excited about the hot tub in the master bedroom. I knew that would be a good investment 🙂

Other than this, the only thing going on was that the Little Treasure (my daughter) was informed that her dog howls all day when she’s gone, so guess who’s got her dog? That’s one of her horses, one of her dogs, my 2 dogs, my cat and my 2 horses here now. The place is a menagerie, but it keeps me busy.

Take care, my droogies. I’ll keep you up to day



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