Update on the new girl

Hello, my droogies.

Well, to get the short story out of the way, I cancelled with the girl in Ohio, citing work problems. I haven’t heard from her since. Work problems is guy talk for “I’m no longer interested in you,” and I think she knows that.

Things with the new girl, who’s local, are amazing. First of all, she’s not your common SB gold-digger. Our arrangement has very quickly become, “Let me know when you need something, and I’ll get it for you.” She needed a grand to get ahead of her bills, and she needs new tires for her car, which we’re doing on Friday. Meanwhile we just saw each other for the third time, and the last two have been here at the house because she doesn’t like going out that much.

Last Sunday was sex for the first time. We warmed up the hot tub and then hit the sheets. It was awesome. Tonight it was just to come see me, so kissing on the couch, a soda and watching part of The Curst of Oak Island. One of her degrees is anthropology so there was some interest there, and it makes the both of us history buffs, so there is ALWAYS something to talk about.

So this is turning out really well, and is the dream situation that I’ve been looking for. Of course, a week into it, the relationship always is.

As for my personal life – work is getting complicated. When you’re a miracle worker, the people who hire you always seem to need bigger miracles. In this case it’s a spontaneous drop-dead date of next Friday, and then changing all of the criteria for the software I’m writing after 2 months. Hey, look – if people were smart, I’d be drinking cheap beer, and THAT isn’t happening any time soon.

Take care, my droogies! I’ll be updating more



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