Just finished The Fovean Chronicles

Good morning, my droogies. Thought I would enter this in before the playoffs. I have a real stake in both Seattle and New England today, so we’ll see how that goes.

Because television has been SO BAD in the last year, I’ve been reading more. I like fantasy novels, but I really don’t get into this new beta male character who’s constantly apologizing for his inadequacies, or for women who weight 100 lbs soaking wet, who can kick the ass of a 300 lb weight lifter.

So, I’m more about Lucy Lawless in Spartacus than Lucy Lawless in Xena. Even then, Lucy is over 6′ tall and probably COULD kick the ass of a man about her size.

A friend of mine thought I would enjoy ‘The Fovean Chronicles’ by Robert Brady. I’d actually read a tech manual by him, way back when, so I was thinking, “OK, this is really going to suck,” but it was only 99 cents on Kindle, so what the hell?

I really, REALLY enjoyed it. Plenty of action, plenty of sub plots – another problem with the books of today is that there’s a goal, the main character sees it, he goes after it, you know he’s going to get it, he does, book over. Boring and predictable (and easy to review, which is why authors write that way). In the first book, Indomitus Est (he is untamable, essentially), a man from our world finds himself in another where there’s magic, and where there are gods plying for power, and he’s the pawn of one of them, called ‘War.’

He has a lot of hang ups, which I liked, and he makes mistakes, which I also liked. He also doesn’t actually know what he’s doing there, or what he’s supposed to do which, if you’re a reviewer, is probably really irritating. For me it was more realistic – it takes time to figure out what your life is about. By the first 1/3 of book 2, Indomitus Vivat (the untamable one lives), he’s figured it out, and he realizes not only how bad it is, but its effect on him.

Book three rolls around and all of the sudden the author has switched from a first person narrative to a free-floating third person, telling the story from the perspective of everyone BUT the main character. I almost put the book down but I pressed on, and I was glad I did because it answered a lot of questions for me. Now there’s an older man from Earth and he’s got a young girl with him who really loves him (I could completely identify with that), and they’re here trying to decide if they want to fight the main character or join him.

The fourth book, ‘Indomitus Sum,’ (I’m a little confused on the latin here, but I think it’s ‘We are the untamable one’) comes in the same format and now I’m used to it. At this point he’s throwing a lot of latin and a lot of power around. World-shaking wars are happening, people are picking and shifting sides, you don’t really know who is allied to whom and why, except that maybe it will change. In the end you’re pretty sure about how the wars will go, but the consequences on the man are harder to tell. The ending lets you know there will be more books.

I liked it. It kept me reading, it’s funny in a sort of droll way, and I felt that if I met one of the characters on the street, I’d recognize him. You can buy it on Amazon, and the website for it is here: http://www.swordsandsorcery.com .

Enjoy the football, my droogies!



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