The value of a Sugar Baby

As far as a lot of people are concerned, SB’s and SD’s both, the value in the Sugar Baby is sex, and the value of the Sugar Baby is whatever she’ll give it up for.

After that, it’s a matter of budget and availability. I read a lot of SB blogs and so many of them are high-lighted with “I scored a $1,500 pair of shoes,” or “I only had to blow him for this.”

And if that’s what you’re looking for, you can find it at a price that fits your budget, if you’re patient. You can have it until one or both of you are tired of it, and then most likely, a little older and a little wiser, you can find it again.

But are we cheating ourselves? Let’s look beyond the whole idea of May-December romance and look at the barter system inherent in the SD/SB relationship. What is the SD getting, what does he want, and can the SB provide it?

If we’re talking sex, simple enough. We’ve had this conversation before – if the SD just wants a safe source of sex, he can go to a lot of places to get it, cheaper and in a lot of cases better.

There’s a lot to be said for the SB who legitimately wants to SEE her SD. The one who isn’t so clearly thinking, “Buy me,” as much as she is “Tell me.”

Tell me about your day

Tell me about your life.

Tell me what you’re dreaming of, and tell me why.

Let me tell you about ME.

And not just relationship basics of “You have to share,” but actually seeking out the things that her SD is looking for and, if not being a source of them, being a guide to them.

Meanwhile, the SD needs to ask himself, if he can find it, can he handle it. Plenty of them can’t or won’t. If you’re a guy (or with a guy) who just wants some sex when he’s horny, don’t waste your time, but I think a lot of women are going to find that their SD is seeking that deeper, better, more meaningful relationship which actually starts off as a transaction, is actually BUILT on that transaction, and then that transaction takes on new depth, new meaning and more significance.

Same with SB’s – some just want to lay down, put their head to the side, moan gratefully for 20 minutes and get a new pair of earrings. There’s plenty of them out there, plenty of men for them and, frankly, a lot of them are looked at as the bulk of the industry.

But here I’m asking you to ask yourself – are you missing out on that better relationship? Do you want the ear rings, or do you want a more special something, more tailored to you, more meaningful, because the SD actually know and cares who you are?

OK, that’s your philosophy lesson for the week, my droogies. Hope I gave you something to think about

Loyally yours



7 thoughts on “The value of a Sugar Baby

  1. I think a lot of girls especially the younger ones get a grandiose fantasy in their heads about being a SB. I think a perfect example is my last SB Elle, who started out wanting a long lasting relationship with her SD that went far beyond a transaction, but in the end sucummed to the lure of “big bucks”. Who didn’t want to be treated like an escort only to end up selling herself to the highest bidders.

    It’s funny how you see so many girls say “I’m not an escort, I want to be treated with respect” and so on, but when offered something more than money for their body they turn their nose up at it.

    Do a search on Tumblr sometime for “Sugar baby” and see all the crap that comes up. Lots and lots of posts about girls bragging about scoring this or that and didn’t have to put out, or how to rip off SDs and so on. It’ll make you want to delete your SA account…

    I hope this was inspired by good experiences with the new SB and not negative ones.

    • Some SB’s give the rest of us a bad name, It’s wrong if its about selling to the highest bidder they should try escorting were its all about money. There is more to life and people than money and gifts, although there can be nice as a bonus. There is a hell of alot more to a person then money. Its really sad when a so called ‘SB’ looks at a man thinking about the easiest way to play them

  2. Hello anonymous SD,
    It’s lovely to see the sugar relationship from a SD’s point of view. Personally, I find such studies on SD, SB has been far more interesting than the transaction in a sugar relationship.
    As a SB, I don’t know much about SBs in general because I try to be myself no matter what I do, I try to avoid reading their tips or whatever. I’m in the sugar bowl, learning life lessons, and also working on my book. I’ve read several of your articles, some I agree and understand, some I don’t. I’m interested in a private interview with you. 🙂
    Anonymous SB

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