The photo shoot

Well, my droogies, I’ve mentioned a few times that there’s a book I’ve worked on, off and on, which needs a female model to complete. I tried to get it done with one Sugar Babe (the Entrepreneur), and that was a disaster.

Well, I finally buckled down, paid for the photographer and the model, and got the work done myself.

Came out great! I now have all of the female pictures I need and, when I get them back from the photographer, I’ll just need to add a few males and I’m publishing it.

You won’t be able to get it through here. Sorry – really not looking to give up my identity.

What this brought me back to is my days as a model. I was in my late teens, I came VERY close to a shot at being the Marlboro man. As it was, I made a shit ton of money for what I considered to be a fun job, and the only thing that really bothered me was how many of the photographers were gay.

It was the early 80’s and clearly NOT ok to be gay yet. With 18 years behind me, no food in me and a close-quarters dressing room, it was pretty easy for a closeted male to need to ‘adjust’ me. This was right after my very lucrative ‘teaching babies to swim’ period went to crap because the pool where we were teaching got greedy, so I had the bod and the need for money, and I put up with it for half of a year before I went on to the glamorous life of ‘bartender at a biker bar.’

So when I needed to work with this model, I knew how to motivate her expressions (she had two – somewhat pissed off and “I don’t know what you want”), and to pick my mark and turn, so what could have been a really difficult shoot with a LOT of different poses only took 3 hours.

I can tell you that, 30+ years ago, for 3 hours I would have made a LOT more than her, but then I had an agent who was a piranha (a retired female model who insisted on seeing me naked and then pretty shamelessly abused me). This girl’s model was the standard over-weight cheese-eater (think Chumley on Pawn Stars), who can about do a website and who was clearly fucking her – so at least that hasn’t changed. We talked about handsy photographers, scam shoots (“We’ve decided to go in a different direction – now that you’re here, will you do this wacky stuff?”), and having to fight for pay. She didn’t ask to see the money up front so I’m reasonably sure she was lying when she said she’d been doing this for 4 years.

It was kind of interesting but I can’t say I missed it (not that I have a choice in the matter). Girl and photographer got paid. I DID notice that I immediately referred to pictures of myself as ‘him’ when I was deciding which I wanted – but that’s a habit you don’t get out of.

As for the beloved Sugar Baby- the flu that’s been going around caught her. I dodged it. So, probably a quiet week this week

Faithfully yours,



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