Sugar Daughters

I was just reading the always-excellent Simply Surreal Blog where I came across a question that she asked, “How would you sugar daddies react to find out that your daughter was a sugar baby?”

The first thing I did was to remember when I used to sell to Disney World (of all places), when I was into BDSM (of all things), and a very good friend of mine who worked there took me aside and, figuring that I was a freak because I knew how to program, asked if I knew about this ‘bondage and S&M stuff.’

He had a daughter, and his daughter had a profile on at 19. It showed a lot of graphic images of her that I’m sure he’d rather not have seen, and some suggestions of what she’d like done to her, which I’m sure he would rather not have known. Of course, HE was on the site simply for its porn value, though he admitted that he was interested in seeing if his wife would let him tie her up and spank her.

In fact, I DID know the girl, and she clearly liked it rough, and not too often with the same guy. The guy had guided her through life in a sort of ‘express yourself’ childhood, and I guess that’s where she took it on her own.

When it’s someone you don’t know, it’s very easy to say, “She’s just expressing herself, there’s nothing you can do.” This was about 17 years ago and even then I knew better than to post personal images to the Internet. I told him that he should let her know that, that people who hire other people go to these sites and very simply aren’t going to hire people whom they recognize except in that venue, and if she wants to put her body out there, she shouldn’t put her face.

Also, these parties were then starting to end up on the new Internet, and in fact about a year later there was the Firestone incident in Orlando where a LOT of people in the ‘scene’ were put on a porn site, other people paid to see it, a few people made a LOT of money and a LOT of people got really embarrassed.

So to the issue – what if the Little Treasure (my daughter) were to become a Sugar Baby.

Well, her current boyfriend is a complete pussy, who jumps when she snaps her fingers, and she’s starting to realize that he’s about as motivated to succeed as a lump of coal. She’s in love with him but I think she’s on her way to realize that there’s more to a husband than him being dedicated. She’s going to realize that she doesn’t want to have to save up for shoes.

After him, she could become a Sugar Baby. She likes the lifestyle. She’s pretty. She’s seen me with younger women, so she could easily say, “I could be with an older guy.”

In fact, I know I’d rather see her with a guy a little older and a lot more secure, but in fact for the next 10 years (and for the last five) younger girls are going to be picking security over everything else, because the economy is in a place where a younger guy can’t deliver.

She may not have a choice.

When it comes down to it, we do what we do. You raise your kids to stand on their feet (if you’re a conservative), and you hope they can. You talk to them about actions and consequences, and then you guide them out and hope they can find away to apply what you believed was right at the time.

I look at my dad, who was in banking his whole life. He told me that going into the military was for chumps, but the Navy was the best decision I ever made. He said you’d be crazy to start your own business, but I made it work for eight years, and in fact I would have taken it farther if I’d have been willing to lose my relationship with my kids. He wouldn’t have thought twice about that and didn’t, I let it all go to have them and begin consulting, and that’s been a success with the job AND the kids.

So, my droogies, there’s your answer, if you can decipher it



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