Trust on butterfly wings

If you touch a butterfly’s wings, they say it won’t ever fly again. I happen to know that’s only true for some butterflies under some conditions, but there you go.

Break trust and it’s gone – that’s a fact. Even if there’s a good reason, you never get those feelings of ‘what if’ back. While no one is perfect, if you want to see a common problem among Sugar Daddies, it’s an itch in the backs of our minds that this girl just sees us as an ATM.

So does the new girl go forth (and by new, she’s the one I’ve been seeing for a month, so for me that’s pretty well established) with my credit card in her hand to bet herself a sectional couch at Big Lots.

OK, cheapo me, right? Well, it’s the one she wanted, so who am I to argue? I was going to go down there with her, load the thing into the back of the pick up and then take it to her place.

1. I really don’t want to go to her place
2. I have about 100 things to do (he says, as he blogs), and I don’t WANT to go load furniture at Big Lots and
3. She’s been pestering me for this couch because her old one sucks, so I really want this on the back burner.

So she came over yesterday for some afternoon sex and I give her one of the kids’ credit cards (I have a couple CC’s with small limits that I’ll give to the kids if they need a loan, so I don’t have to worry about getting creamed with a big bill if they go nuts) so she can get the couch.

And a matching coffee table and end tables

And then go out to dinner

And then get McDonalds for her kid.


I ask her about it this morning. She ‘really needed’ the table (and, in fact, I expected that – that’s being a girl), and her dad took her to get the sectional, and he wanted dinner for his efforts. Then she was tired and her kid was hungry.

What she SHOULD have done was text, obviously. “Can I use the card to pay back my dad for hauling this for me, so you didn’t have to?” “Such a deal!” would have been my reply.

I’ve had two ex-wives and neither could be trusted with a check book, much less a credit card. The Little Treasure, say what you will, can balance her accounts because I put a LOT of effort into teaching her how. Even she’s betrayed me (hence the existence of the card). The new girl was very upset and guilty because she got ahead of herself in the relationship and thought, “I’m his girl, I can do these things because he put the card in my hot little hand.”

And so is trust wounded, but lives on to fight another day, with caution. It did take the shine off, and it was that easy. Get right down to it and it’s a cheap price for a reality call. I was falling for her too fast.

At least I gave her the ‘little’ card. She couldn’t get me into much trouble with that.

OK, my droogies. Life marches on. More to come as it happens.



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