Doubling Down

Hello, my droogies.

First of all – thanks for all of the feedback on the issue the other day. It’s good to have other opinions and to weigh what I’m think against what outside eyes observe.

So around 4pm, same day, same girl, I get a phone call.

“Are you still at work?”

Well, I work from home, so what she must mean is “Am I still working.” In fact, it was neither.

“I’m out buying feed,” I said, because I was on my way to the local hardware store to get 50 lbs of oats.

“OK,” she says. “Where do you want to get together?”

She is STILL on the deal with the AAA. Seriously.

“I’m not meeting you anywhere,” I said. “I’m getting feed, I’m going back to the house, and I’m going to program for a while.”

“Oh,” she said. “So, I guess I should get a tow truck or something?”

“Whatever you need to do,” I said.

She says, “OK,” and I say “Goodbye,” and hang up the phone.

Don’t think this is over, my droogies.

I walk in the hardware store and she calls back. I answer and she wants to know if I’m mad about anything.

Gee – ya think?

I tell her I can’t talk about it here, because I’m in the middle of a hardware store where people know me, and I’m not going to argue like a teen-ager on my cell. AGAIN, she won’t let it go. “Are you mad at me?” “I’ll talk to you about it later.” “But are you mad at me?”

So I just hang up and get my feed.

AND it is STILL not over, my droogies.

I get home, I feed the horses, I take off to go shopping, she calls back again.

OK, now this is getting really irritating. “Hello.”

“What did I do wrong?” I’m fed up with this so I tell her. I’m not here to bail out your close acquaintances. It’s not my job, having known you just a month, to drop everything and go rescue your god mother.

Ladies, do you want to have the undying respect of the men you’re with? When you’re wrong, admit it. I can’t tell you how that elevates you in a man’s eyes. What the new girl did, however, was the opposite. Like most women will do, she began to explain to me why I was wrong to feel like I did, and how she clearly wasn’t doing what she was clearly doing.

And I didn’t let her off on it, or let it go. Very specifically, I told her I made it clear that I didn’t want to do this, and she was pushing me on it, and it made me question whether I wanted a relationship with her.

So she asked if I wanted her to go shopping with me. Or if I wanted her to come over later. By the way, she was coming over now to drop off the credit card.

Which was good, because they’re a pain to cancel.

I let her know where she could leave the credit card, and I got off of the phone. I took my time shopping and when I came back the card was there with a note, “Thanks for everything, always yours,” making me think she was done with it.

An hour later she sent me a text with her in a sexy dress, saying, “Thinking of you.” To which I didn’t respond.

My droogies, if I’d have bailed her out, who among you doesn’t think the next question would be, “Can you fix her car?” Do that and I’m the family savior, and who the FUCK wants that?

Because she doesn’t think she’s done anything wrong, she’ll do it again, which is a real shame because I really liked this one. I may or may not see her again, but she’s out of trust and she is DEFINATELY off of the payroll.

Life goes on, my droogies.

Yours always,



5 thoughts on “Doubling Down

    • I like to think that this comes from a loyalty to her family, but a big thing that she did to justify it was to say, “My god mother asked me if I knew anyone with AAA who wouldn’t mind helping her, and I thought of you.”

      To which I answered her, “And I clearly minded.”

      To which she answered me, “But, you help other people.”

      Meaning, if you can help people when you want to, then you can do it on command.

      There is a HUGE difference between helping a stranger in need, and helping someone who lacks the intelligence to take care of him/her self when that person slips up again. Apparently ‘god mother’ has a group she lives off of, and the new girl is just her easiest mark.

      • Agreed, she definitely has that loyalty to her family but at the same time she needs to back off when the request is denied not continue to pester someone about that. What a terrible attitude from her replying to you saying you minded.
        She could have at least said, okay no problem, I’ll figure it out. Thanks for replying back in a timely manner.

  1. I don’t know how true some of these girls are being when talking about horrible family situations. I have seen many that probably earn more than most of us out there. But they give the true SB a bad name. Men are not trusting them anymore.

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