The Talk After

Hello, my droogies.

Late on Friday, I was informed by the garage that my F250 was done. The Little Treasure blew the engine on it this year, and I got it back with no working brake lights. I finally got around to dropping it off last Monday, and now I needed a ride to get to it.

So I called the new girl, which gave her the opportunity to vent her spleen. I called her in the morning when I got up, and she told me she’d be over in ‘a little bit,’ which turned out to be 2 hours later. We chatted and had small talk for a bit and then she asked if I wanted to see her any more.

I asked if she knew what had pissed me off. She said, “Yes,” and I asked her “What, then?” and she told me she shouldn’t have asked for a favor.

OK, that’s not just plain ignorant, it’s a loaded answer. That is essentially, “I didn’t do anything wrong, here’s your unreasonable response to my reasonable action.” I didn’t let it slide.

“No,” I said. “I told you I didn’t want to go bail out your god mother, and you kept after me for it. This is on top of the argument with my daughter AND your using the credit card for stuff I didn’t authorize, so you really pissed me off.”

So she immediately made it about her, and I got to listen for 10 minutes about how we’re supposedly in a relationship, how she expected she could come to me with anything, how this made her feel an inch tall and how it made her feel disposable, because I asked her not to call me for a while, and I barked at her when she did.

I wonder how many women realize that they can make their case brilliantly and still lose the argument. Her goal here is show why this is my fault, where it SHOULD be to reconcile (if she wants to continue, which she apparently did). Blame, no matter where it lies, doesn’t gain her anything other than a feeling of vindication that she can’t cash in on.

Frankly, it just reinforced how I already felt. Take her back and she’s going to do it again – and I’m sure she now how bills for fixing the god mother’s car.

So she dropped my off at the garage, I gave her a kiss, and said she could call if she wants. A couple hours later I texted her to tell her I’m going to be busy tonight.

So ends the tale of the new girl.

Don’t worry, my droogies. Life goes on



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