Married Sugar Babies?

So I’m contacted the other day by a very pretty girl who says I need a ‘real’ sugar baby, which would be her.

She has a lot of the right markers: she’s a geek, nice breasts, clearly intelligent, very frank about what she’s looking for.

She was a few hundred miles away, which kinda blows. The last one spoiled me in that I could get my hands on her any time I wanted. Can’t say enough good things about sex when you want it.

So as I get to know her better, it turns out she’s married, and that her husband ‘can never know.’

OK, I won’t do that with a woman who ISN’T a sugar baby, much less one who is. The closest I’ve come to it was in Orlando in the 90’s when I taught a few couples about BDSM. That experience came from my being in the SCA in college, which is a post for a different day.

No, I don’t want someone’s wife. I really can’t see myself wanting an SB who’s married, though I’m certain there’s room in the Sugar Bowl for them, too. I’d imagine you could tell yourself that there’s no chance of that relationship becoming too serious. I could also imagine the husband finding out you’re paying his wife for sex, and then killing you. This girl claimed after I balked that she was in an open marriage, but no. More power to her, and always love a loyal fan, but not with a married girl.

So the hunt goes on, tracking in the snow this week. Wow, what bad weather, huh? I had to leave the blankets on the horses for three days, and just took them off today. They were rolling around like crazy trying to get their fur to fluff back out. Then they had to charge all over the pasture.

Would probably get a hell of a ride, but in the deep snow you’re REALLY risking a fall, and it isn’t worth it.

Ahhh – what does THAT compare to?

Keep warm, my droogies!



5 thoughts on “Married Sugar Babies?

  1. There are so many cute, young, and single SBs in the sugar bowl. No need to be looking at someone who’s already married 😛 just sounds like unnecessary baggage

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