Catching up

Sorry for so long, my droogies. Your beloved SD has been working his butt off both on a project and around the great, southern plantation, and there’s been no time for women, and hence no need to blog about them.

Yanno what I need? Seriously?

I need a nice girl who just wants to be taken care of. Isn’t this the bell ringing over at least half of all SD’s heads? While there are MANY who just want to bang 20-year-olds and (a) not catch anything and (b) not go to jail for it, I think that there are as many or maybe more who actually want, if not that last love of their life, a nice person whom he can talk to, go out with, or who would make him a sandwich while he’s working, and not bitch about it, neither demand $500 for it.

Maybe I’m going to start looking for that. It’s a much harder search and might take me international, but some travel wouldn’t kill me and I HAVE been working my ass off.

In THAT vein, the Little Treasure is getting married in a couple months and you all can guess how much THAT is costing me. Her fiancé, whom I refer to in the back of my mind as ‘that idiot,’ is a college-uneducated beta-male who would actually probably do ok programming if she’d give him a couple of hours/day to do it. She doesn’t, so he doesn’t, so they had to come to me to buy them shoes when they wore theirs out.

Yeah. That wedding is money well-spent. At least it gets her off of my medical insurance.

Well, that’s all for now, my droogies. If you know anyone who fits my criterion, send her my way

Always yours,



5 thoughts on “Catching up

  1. what you described is what I’m looking for. if only we were in the same city/state! I’m still fairly new to the sugar game, only a few POTs but nothing ever working out on eithers part. I would like more of a mentor, someone to talk to about things and not be judged or feel like a little kid. To just have that NSA of a LTR companionship. I guess what I’m looking for is a mentor/sponsor? lol

    I hope you find someone soon! good luck in your search!!

  2. Doesn’t sound like they will have much of a chance when married? Would they be living with you? Anyway maybe a trip on the hunt for your SB is just what you need? There are lovely girls here in England , certainly with less drama. Good luck and Enjoy! Xx

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