Same girl, same road

One thing will never fail you: people don’t change.

They’d like to, I’m sure, but change is hard, and most people won’t do anything hard anymore.

Take ‘new girl,’  who I let back in the door.  We had a few new baselines to keep us from repeating history:

1. If she felt she was being ignored, she could call and come over
2. If she wanted something, ask for it.
3. Don’t take it to heart if I don’t call or text you – I work a lot

That’s not real hard.

So after not seeing her for a few weeks, I see that I’ve missed some texts.  They’d petered out and I figured she was on to someone else, which didn’t really bother me.

Last week she wanted to come over, I told her ok, and she texted me early on Saturday.  I called her when I woke up and she’d already let her babysitter go – could she come over at 8pm.

Which means show up, make out on the couch, get a blow job on the couch and then she asks for something.

Sure.  By 9pm I still hadn’t heard from her, so I went to bed and read for a couple hours, then fell asleep.  She texted me again at 9:15pm but I didn’t catch it, and I got a text from her the next morning which made it seem like I blew her off.

Yesterday she texts me and I catch it.  “Call me when you have time.”

So I call, and she’s been sick for a week.  She’s got Lupus of some kind.  My first thought was, “Oh, man!  Don’t be contagious!” but it’s not.

“Are we still seeing each other?” she asks.

Well, as much as two people who never see each other are seeing each other, I suppose.

“Good, because I would want to ask you for help if we weren’t in a relationship.”

Wow, how’s a good way NOT to do that?

So she plans to get better and ask for a big donation.  Thing is, I’ve been spending the summer working and getting the Little Treasure’s wedding paid off.  The last three pay checks have been spend completely, which is why I’ve had no interest in seeing someone and really didn’t miss her that much.

Certainly not willing to pay for a blow-and-go.  The big part of this, tho, is that she turned into a whore and I don’t want a whore, so she’s set up to get the worst possible news at the worst possible time.

Oh, well – it didn’t have any promise to begin with

Sorry for so depressing a post, my droogies.  It hasn’t been a real good spring



Wow – where did May go?

May went by with a blur, so thank the latest person who loved this blog for me writing in it.

Here’s a jaw-dropper for you, my droogies. Remember the New Girl (the one who cost me $3000 in one month and who thought that I was going to rescue her whole family from themselves? Well, I went out to dinner alone for the umpteenth time, was sick of it, and gave her a call to join me.

Yeah – I can hear you all now. “You keep playing the same tune, you keep hearing the same song.” I didn’t have any illusions that she’d changed, and we ALL know I don’t, but lonely is lonely and frankly, after the wedding, I just didn’t feel like meeting anyone.

So she shows up (because, you know – she wants stuff), and she starts to act like she’s going to read me the riot act for dumping her, and I simply cut it off.

You know me, my droogies – I don’t argue, and I don’t like to argue. I take charge and then that’s it. I told her if she wanted to keep coming around, I didn’t want to hear any more about her family. She’s also off of the payroll. Honestly, I expected her to bail but she likes that sort of abuse so I saw her a few times last month.

Not too bad – she DID manage to get $500 off of me to make her bills one week, and an old air conditioner I wasn’t using, and a box spring that I was too lazy to throw out. Seriously, that is a CHEAP SB if you can even call her that.

Then we fucked liked bunnies in the hot tub and I didn’t call her for two weeks, and she messaged me yesterday that if I didn’t want to see her any more, I should just say so.

So for the month of May, I was a pretty crappy SD. Really, I’ve been more focused on programming and getting my credit card limits down to a reasonable amount than anything else since the wedding. That and the fact that East Tennessee has had very little rain for the last month, and that means I’ve got to try to get hay for the horses when I didn’t expect it, just had me not thinking of anything like sugaring for the last month.

I think I’ll have the New Girl come over this week to keep that alive. You can’t beat an SB that’s close by.

Oh, and for those of you who are fans of the Little Treasure – she didn’t take long to distinguish herself. She’s discovered the Pina Colada as her drink of choice, and her husband, the Human Tool, as her pussy-esque serving boy. I swear, I would smack the taste out of that kid’s mouth if he were my son and he just obeyed his wife like he does. They come over, he does their laundry, fetches her drinks, sits where she tells him, watches what she tells him to watch, and she controls the conversation.

The one time he seems to have asserted himself was Saturday night. You see, the Little Treasure wants to bring another horse over here, which I haven’t been too ecstatic about. To do that, she has to help be build a new run in shed, and that means she has to come over here with him and sweat.

I tell them I have to run some errands – if they want to go to lunch with me, they can, and then we’ll do the shed. Well, they come over, we do the errands, we eat the lunch, we get back and THEN they tell me they have plans in an hour.

Well, then no point in the shed. We ride a little. If the shed doesn’t get built I’ll never see that mare so I’m not crying. Then at 11pm I get a text from the Human Tool: “We forgot our cell chargers there. Can we come over in a little bit and get them?”

Sure. So I watch an old episode of Law and Order. An hour later, they’re not here. So I text back, “How much longer?”

I hear back, “Around 1/2 hour.”

Fu – huck that! And I tell him, “No, come get them on Sunday. I’m going to bed,” which I do.

I hear from the Little Treasure the next day – they are going for hay at 5pm or so, do I want to come?


And they got that horse, when can they bring it over?

“When you finish the run in shed.”

“Well, I’m just going to put up fencing around it.” “No,” I tell her, “you’re not.”


“And by the way,” I add, “what the hell happened the other night?”

And she has the nerve to act like she doesn’t know. When I press her on it, I dare to say, “Call” instead of “Text” (as in, he called me instead of he texted me), and she gets into this whole semantics argument, clearly leading to some idea that if he texted it, then it shouldn’t count.

Screw that. Keep your hay, keep your horse, don’t come around here any more. I see that night that she’s looking for someone to buy the horse off of her.

So, in case you’re wondering, no, marriage didn’t change the Little Treasure. Some times, you just have to cut the kids lose. LT and HT are officially cut loose. Let’s see them run their own lives for a while

Love always, my droogies. I’ll try to be more active this month