The search goes on… and on… and on…

Ugh, my droogies. I think one of the reasons that I went back to the New Girl was that I hate looking so much.

Lately it seems expectations are pretty unrealistic. You see a LOT of older women looking for younger guys. Ladies – that’s a cougar, not a sugar baby. A young guy who’ll do older women isn’t looking to PAY for the experience.

And by the way let’s talk tattoos. They can be VERY sexy, when they’re discreet and tasteful. When you have a tattoo on your tit, you’ve just crossed the line from “Lady” to “Biker Meat.” If that offends, well then tell me what classy reason you had for putting a tattoo there.

The same with collar-bone tattoos, and ones that can’t be covered by clothes. I just don’t want a human oddity, and I’m not paying top dollar to make people believed I picked you up on a corner and then bought you a dress at Sears.

What I’ve seen LESS of are these girls who live in other states, who think I’m going to send them money while we’re courting. I guess that either the world is on to that scam, or they were all hunted down by pissed off SD’s who realized they were five figures down the road, and she still doesn’t have time to meet.

As for New Girl – I went a whole two weeks without hearing from her, which was ok by me, then I got a text, “I need your help.” Followed by the same text the next day.

Seriously? Well, that was last week, and I haven’t heard from her since, so I think that’s the last time I’ll be bothering you with ‘New Girl.’

Hopefully ‘newer girl’ is around the corner

Take care, my droogies. It was a weird spring, I think its going to be an even stranger summer

Yours as always



4 thoughts on “The search goes on… and on… and on…

  1. Thank you for a new post. I look forward to them. And thank you for your comments on tattoos. I have never ever seen body paint enhance the human body of an otherwise attractive woman. I despise these these things and want to scream when I see the tattoos on what once were beautiful chicks. Well said. Thank you for saying it.

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