Two new prospects on the horizon

Hello, my loyal droogies. So sorry it’s been a long time again. Not only am I a sugar daddy, but I’m one of the few people who programs the way that I do, there’s a huge demand for it, and it’s been taking up all of my time this spring and summer.

I haven’t even ridden my horse in three months. It makes me antsy.

So, in all of this time, we’ve been back on the virtual surf and found two (count ’em, two!) girls who’d probably like to meet yours truly:

Girl one is local: she’s 26, black hair from an American Indian background, has more of a BDSM interest, in that she’s never been spanked or tied up, but is very curious about it and wants to try. She’s a person who’s working her ass off and who can’t make ends meet, lives with her parents and has a couple horses she can’t afford. The age difference doesn’t matter to her as much as chemistry.

Girl two is in Orlando, FL, and will probably be good AT LEAST for a much needed vacation. I told her I’d like to get a hotel room with a spa and have her be in it when I first meet her, and she thought it would be a good idea, so you have to admire the attitude. She’s 35, no kids, Puerto Rican/ German mix and from New York. Being from Connecticut originally, your beloved SD knows all about NYC Puerto Ricans. Quick to love, quick to commit, BAD to hit that and quit that, so we’ll need to be sure with her, one way or another.

Girl one has been stringing me on for a couple of weeks. We come close to meeting and never do. Spoke to her about it last night and we decided I’m just going to tell her when to meet me and what to do this weekend, and her thoughts were that it would be easier and she’d prefer it.

You know that speaks right to me. If I don’t see her this weekend, I’ll likely give up on her.

Girl two is going to LA next weekend, so the one after that I’m thinking I’ll see her in Orlando. Even if I don’t meet her there for some reason, I think I’m still going just to kick my feet up and maybe {gasp} start the final book of the series I’m working on.

Or just not be here programming, yanno?

OK, my droogies – you’ll be getting another update soon. You’ve been very loyal and I appreciate all of you


Your SD


2 thoughts on “Two new prospects on the horizon

  1. Glad you’re well! Vegas is a great spot too 😉 lol Meet girl 2 half way and have her come here! lol
    I’m not sure how I feel about Girl 1…I don’t like the stringing along bit. Watch out for her.
    Good luck!

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