The average girl, over the ultra-mega girl

Hello, my droogies. I’m taking a short break from programming to write this.

It was an interesting weekend. I have horses, so of course I’m thinking what everyone who owns horses is thinking all summer – where will I get winter hay? Winter hay is tricky – you want to buy a little more than you need, and store it properly, and it’s all dependent on the weather. The beginning of this spring was hot and dry, but the summer has been wet and cool. That means that people who grow hay were thinking, “I won’t have enough,” and now they’re terrified that they’ll get stuck with it.

Which is how I bought 30 rolls for $1,100 delivered, thinking I’d get 21,000 pounds, and ended up with 40,000 when the rolls showed up WAY bigger than I expected.

It also means my tractor can’t move them to a 2nd tier like I need, and THAT means that I need to get a bigger tractor or hire someone to stack them for me.

It ALSO means I built my hay barn too small, and didn’t leave enough time to put a roof on it, and if it rains real hard, I could have issues. Wet hay will mold or, worse, spontaneously catch fire.

So here I am, busy all weekend, and everyone wants cash. I don’t keep much cash on hand, I have it working for me. Also the Little Treasure (my daughter)’s wedding is still being paid off. So now I start to here from the two remaining Sugar Baby contenders, the somewhat plain one from Orlando, FL, and the Super Ultra-Mega Sugar Baby from SC.

The latter, SUMSB, starts to message me like crazy because she’s come up with new reasons to want money (like illegally buying percoset from her friend to assuage her knee pain) and as you all know, I HATE to be pestered. I told her a bunch of times I won’t have time for her this weekend, so I get calls, texts and some REALLY graphic pictures of her, which I also don’t like.

The Orlando girl sends me a “You’re quiet,” text, I tell her what’s going on and that’s it.

If you’re needy over the phone, you’ll be worse in person, and I was starting to get the idea that SUMSB is another “never meet” girl. She’s also sent me so much self-porn and I’m actually sick of looking at her.

So there you have it, believe it or not – the plainer girl whose personality is SO much better, is beating out the prettier girl with issues.

What a thing to share, eh, my droogies?

Take care – it’s back to work!

Your SD


The Super Amazing, Ultra Mega Sugar Baby

Good morning, my droogies. It’s after the one Sunday morning news show you get to watch in East Tennessee, but before I go out and do all of the chores it takes to keep this place running.

About five days ago, I met another SB. To update you all, the Sugar Mom hasn’t really spoken with me much and it’s just hard to get excited about her. The Orlando girl went out to LA for a week and had a disaster of a time, and is kind of down on herself. Regardless, I was feeling ignored so I went and sniffed around Sugar Daddies again.

So I see this girl on there, and she’s about 5 hours from here, and she’s pretty in her pictures and her profile makes me laugh, so I message her.

I hear right back from her – girls, this is SO important. If you’ve got an inbox stuffed with emails, clear it, even if it’s just to say, “Sorry, not interested.” The deal is, you can meet someone in there who interests you, message him/her after five days and, no matter what your excuse, he’s going to think, “She’s playing a wide field,” and de-prioritize you.

We start to email and we have a LOT in common, much as I’m 23 years older than she is. She’s also claiming to have been hurt recently and is in rehab, and THAT, my droogies, is ALWAYS a red flag. Remember, there are three types of SBs:

Smart whores
Bad Accountants
Women who want rich husbands

Go back in the archives if you want to read more about them, but there you are. Smart whores have a knack for doing very little for very much, and one way they do it is to come up with a legitimate-sounding reason why they can’t meet you, but still need your money for that occasion when they do. That occasion simply never happens, and eventually you realize that you’ve spent a lot of money for porn you could get on the Internet for free.

So my whore lights are flashing as we’re getting to know each other when, lo and behold, it turns out this girl is a young exhibitionist. I get a few PG pictures and then one of her nude in a chair where she’s kind of stretching, so it’s more of a classy than a pornographic nude.

“Wow, very nice.”

“I don’t usually show those,” she says, “but I like you.”

Add the alarm to the flashing lights. We really haven’t been talking that long, but then, if she likes to be nude, there ya go.

A few more days pass, and we text a lot. We’re exchanging ideas, we’re talking about rehab and how screwed up insurance is. We talk about how she got hurt, how her job laid her off right after (which is bullshit, but welcome to the new economic situation brought to you by Barack Obama), how hard it is to continue getting treatment.

Friday she’s in a lot of pain and she’s run out of pain medication. OK, I think, here it comes.

“What does that cost?” I ask.

“$45,” she responds. Turns out she has all of three dollars to her name, and she’s living with her mom, who’s on retirement.

OK, there’s an anomaly. I don’t expect a free ride, but I’m not paying someone whom I’m never going to meet, either. She HAS been pretty generous with a few self-movies she’s done, and not asked for anything for them. I can pay the piper just because I like what I’m getting.

So I send her $250 through Pay Pal. She didn’t ask for it, but the girls who are good at this never do. However, you can say that pain killers cost anything. Why not say “$150” for pills? Like I said, worth the risk.

Her response is a flood of naked selfies and a couple movies of her in the bathtub. I admit, this is a really, really beautiful girl who knows how to act beautiful rather than slutty. Half the time, you get pictures from a girl which would embarrass a gynecologist. OK, if this is going to go forward, then this is going to have a meet date, because I know how I’m feeling about her (not just the pictures but the conversations), and I don’t want to hand her a hammer and say, “Break my heart.”

Well, she’s going to be in Tennessee in October….

Negative. Not waiting that long. How about a couple weeks, I go there and take you out to dinner.

Well, she’s really not mobile, and she’s had to discontinue her PT, because after the lay off her insurance wanted to revert from her company policy back to her own.

OK, I’m thinking. Here it comes. “How much is PT?”


Which is what I would expect it to cost, having done it, and not what you’d expect a smart whore to ask for. Again, $150 is nothing. We set a deal. She does her PT and we’re meeting in three weeks, when she should be walking.

By the way, could you send me a pic of you at your PT? Sorry, I’m suspicious.

I get the picture, she’s clearly on PT, she’s clearly hurt her knee. Wow, honesty and NO greed. She’s actually enjoying doing this as much as I am.

This morning I get a couple more movies from her, just to say, “Good morning.”

You don’t strike gold like this too often. We’ve spoken on the phone so I know she’s a girl (there are dudes out there who do this for an actual living – brrrrrr). It’s a good start and leaves me a lot happier than I’ve been with other girls.

So good news for you, my droogies. You should be getting some pretty good updates

Yours always


The Train Wreck that is the American Male

Why does a 20 year old want a 50 year old like me?

OK, I have money, but I’m not a lotto winner. I’m overweight (working on it – price of programming), full head of hair (but I’m letting it grow long so I can donate it to Panteen to make wigs for cancer patients, so I look like hell). My job is stable but it involves me sitting in front of a computer most of the time, so I’m that irritating “guy who’s here but not here” that women really, REALLY hate.

So I look at my competition. Oh, my God – what have we done to America?

A boy is born in the US today and they hustle him into school as fast as they can, telling his mother that she’s not a whole woman if she doesn’t have “a job.” Like raising children isn’t a real job? My mom was an alcoholic disaster who beat me, but she was there.

In school, the boy is told that anything aggressive is bad. He’s told that when you compete, it’s “just for fun” and there really are no winners. He’s told it’s OK to play sports, but why keep score? That’s no fun! Just kick the ball. When it’s time for awards, everyone gets one so that no one feels bad.

If he steps out of this role (and every hormone in his body is telling him to) then he’s on Ritalin faster than you can punish him, which they also do. The only time it’s acceptable to single out anyone is when the growing boy steps out of this crushing role. Then he has a teacher of either sex telling him how aggression needs to be suppressed, success is a trick, no one has a chance so accept mediocrity.

Socially, he’s told that even touching a girl without permission is a crime. He’s told that he can’t look at her and that anything more than “good morning” and “you look ‘sharp'” are offensive and, of course, punishable. On TV, he sees women who are strong and smart and capable, who can beat the ass of men three times their size, and men who are dopey, weak (except as bad guys) and desperately need guidance.

In his video games and on what passes for literature for him, women are buxom, powerful and, always, correct. Even the villains.

Strong women don’t bring a man down – far from it. But the 20 year old today has been thoroughly indoctrinated in the idea that a woman’s strength CANNOT be challenged – that’s oppression by males and one of the worst things a man can do. Every time he’s tried to assert himself, he’s been told, “That’s too aggressive,” as he’s informed that his female compatriots doing the same thing are, “Empowering themselves.”

Boys being boys has become a warning, rather than a way of life.

So now he’s in his 20’s and probably hasn’t gone to college (in the US, women outnumber males in college and male attendance is at a record low). He’s doing what work he can find, which right now isn’t much after grunt labor, and there are plenty in line for that. Thanks to a lifetime of medication and being told, “No, don’t assert yourself,” he lacks the strength of character to pull himself up by his boot straps. He lives with his parents or with whoever will pay for him, he loses himself in a world of video games and other distractions, and he lets life pass him by.

Why bother doing anything else? If he goes out to meet women, God help him if he finds one. The laws are so unevenly skewed to punish him that it’s not worth the risk.

For example, by almost every law in every state, a man and a woman go to a bar, have a couple drinks, go home together and have sex.

She has MONTHS to decide that she was unfit to give consent. He is busted the moment she does. Even if the case doesn’t make, it’s on his record forever. God help him if she was under 18 using a fake ID (a felony). In that case he’s classified as a sex offender and his life is ruined.

So our young male, even if he CAN date, had better be willing to ask for ID or take his chances. No wonder there’s been in upsurge in ‘cougars,’ older women who like younger men. At least the male is safe! It also plays in to this whole subservient role he’s been thrust into. In fact, it probably makes perfect sense to him that she’s the provider, director and pursuer.

So here’s the young woman in her 20’s, and she’s been so ‘acknowledged for her strength’ that she’s about to vomit. Frankly, she’s had a hard week where she makes barely more than her counterpart does (but has college to pay off) and and she doesn’t WANT to decide where to eat, what to eat, what to see, where to go after, how far they’re going, when and how it should feel. She wants a MALE, and she just can’t find one.

Even military guys are letting her down because THAT’s become a joke. Boot camp is now ‘camp,’ because boots hurt their feet. They’re indoors for the entire experience, they can call a time out if it’s too stressful, they can call for an administrative review of what’s going on at ANY time, and they go home on weekends. They can leave the service in 60 days if it’s “not for them.”

I served for 7 years and I can tell you, with that preparation, they’re coming home from our next war in body bags.

So she finds me. I’d say more than half of the girls I talk to don’t just want a tough guy, they’re so wound up they want a rough guy. “Spank me!” “Tie me up!” “Punish me.” Hear it all the time. I’m the first to say, “Don’t BDSM with strangers.” There’s a million horror stories of people getting set up or ending up with more than they can handle, but in the long view it all fits. She’s so riled up, those endorphins are howling to her.

This was long, my droogies, but it’s heart felt, and I don’t expect anyone to agree with all of it, but it’s just sad who quickly the American male, who chased down goals and taught himself how to do ANYTHING and still had time for a wife and kids, is this pathetic, helpless, directionless couch mold.

Yours, as ever,


A regular mom as a Sugar Baby

This happens, and it’s kind of strange, and definitely worth writing about.

A woman who approached me has always dreamed of living in Tennessee, because she likes the mountains and the people and wants to move here.

Who am I to argue with her? Of course, the mountains are 10 times better in Colorado or Washington state or even California, but then you have to LIVE there, and to hell with that! The people in Tennessee are the best (well, in East TN – we can talk about the difference between East and West TN on another blog), and I’ve never been happier than having moved here.

So she meets me, and she REALLY wants to talk on the phone. This is not regular SB behavior (sorry, my droogies, but you’re a texting bunch). I tell her I want to see some pictures of her first to make sure she’s who she says she is, and I get about a 1/2 dozen of her which are clearly “hanging around” pics, the kind of casual selfies people take when they are just trying to remember an event, not look fierce.

So I let her call me and we talked for about an house. She’s been divorced for about 7 years, she’s got kids in middle school. She divorced her husband because she never saw him, now she can move if she wants to because the dude has remarried and he could care less about his ‘old’ kids now that he’s going to make some new ones.

“So what do you expect?” I ask her.

With regular SB’s, this gets some pretty interesting responses, such as, “You mean, like do I swallow?” or “I guess I can let you spank me if you’re into it” or some similar thing (as they all don’t DARE broach the topic of anal, which I’m starting to believe that almost every SD wants and every SB hates). More commonly this turns into a money question and we’re off to the ATM to see if what she wants us to spend is worth what she’s offering.

So imagine what went through my mind when she said she needed someone to mentor her, talked about how guys in their 30’s aren’t particularly decisive and how an older man is more manly and competent, at least a wealthy one is, and that’s who she wants in her life.

So she’s DEFINITELY the third type of SB – the woman looking for a rich husband. The subject turned to her kids when I asked her about herself. I guess they’re high achievers and she’s a little concerned about Tennessee schools.

I’ve seriously never talked schools with an SB before, unless she’s going to one. When we got off of that, I needed to get back to work and get off of the phone, so we switched to text.

Which is a little better for ‘the sex’ questions. Remember, with SB’s who want to be wives, it’s usually not about ‘the sex’ for them. If they’re putting out, it’s because they think they’ve found the right guy. To ease into this, I asked her what her preference on contraception is. This led to what she likes, and it turns out that here’s another Sugar Baby who likes to be tied up and spanked.

So mom here has a dark side.

Overall, it was refreshing. She’s more mild than the average girl, and that’s nice sometimes. I don’t see it going anywhere because of the kids, but she could be worth meeting if she can live with the idea that its got no future.

As for the other two girls, I’m going to see the one in Orlando when she gets back from LA. The local girl, like many local girls, was all talk, no action. That’s a shame, but it didn’t seem like you droogies liked her.

Take care, my loyal ones! More coming

Your Loyal SD