A regular mom as a Sugar Baby

This happens, and it’s kind of strange, and definitely worth writing about.

A woman who approached me has always dreamed of living in Tennessee, because she likes the mountains and the people and wants to move here.

Who am I to argue with her? Of course, the mountains are 10 times better in Colorado or Washington state or even California, but then you have to LIVE there, and to hell with that! The people in Tennessee are the best (well, in East TN – we can talk about the difference between East and West TN on another blog), and I’ve never been happier than having moved here.

So she meets me, and she REALLY wants to talk on the phone. This is not regular SB behavior (sorry, my droogies, but you’re a texting bunch). I tell her I want to see some pictures of her first to make sure she’s who she says she is, and I get about a 1/2 dozen of her which are clearly “hanging around” pics, the kind of casual selfies people take when they are just trying to remember an event, not look fierce.

So I let her call me and we talked for about an house. She’s been divorced for about 7 years, she’s got kids in middle school. She divorced her husband because she never saw him, now she can move if she wants to because the dude has remarried and he could care less about his ‘old’ kids now that he’s going to make some new ones.

“So what do you expect?” I ask her.

With regular SB’s, this gets some pretty interesting responses, such as, “You mean, like do I swallow?” or “I guess I can let you spank me if you’re into it” or some similar thing (as they all don’t DARE broach the topic of anal, which I’m starting to believe that almost every SD wants and every SB hates). More commonly this turns into a money question and we’re off to the ATM to see if what she wants us to spend is worth what she’s offering.

So imagine what went through my mind when she said she needed someone to mentor her, talked about how guys in their 30’s aren’t particularly decisive and how an older man is more manly and competent, at least a wealthy one is, and that’s who she wants in her life.

So she’s DEFINITELY the third type of SB – the woman looking for a rich husband. The subject turned to her kids when I asked her about herself. I guess they’re high achievers and she’s a little concerned about Tennessee schools.

I’ve seriously never talked schools with an SB before, unless she’s going to one. When we got off of that, I needed to get back to work and get off of the phone, so we switched to text.

Which is a little better for ‘the sex’ questions. Remember, with SB’s who want to be wives, it’s usually not about ‘the sex’ for them. If they’re putting out, it’s because they think they’ve found the right guy. To ease into this, I asked her what her preference on contraception is. This led to what she likes, and it turns out that here’s another Sugar Baby who likes to be tied up and spanked.

So mom here has a dark side.

Overall, it was refreshing. She’s more mild than the average girl, and that’s nice sometimes. I don’t see it going anywhere because of the kids, but she could be worth meeting if she can live with the idea that its got no future.

As for the other two girls, I’m going to see the one in Orlando when she gets back from LA. The local girl, like many local girls, was all talk, no action. That’s a shame, but it didn’t seem like you droogies liked her.

Take care, my loyal ones! More coming

Your Loyal SD


2 thoughts on “A regular mom as a Sugar Baby

  1. Hahaha “didn’t seem like you guys liked her” that made me laugh.
    Good luck with Orlando and this new mom. But the mom watch out for so she doesn’t treat ya like the last one; as an atm. Next thing ya know you’ll be buying the school clothes for the kids.
    But I agree with Blonde Vampire- sounds interesting!! See how it goes!! Hope it works out

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