The Super Amazing, Ultra Mega Sugar Baby

Good morning, my droogies. It’s after the one Sunday morning news show you get to watch in East Tennessee, but before I go out and do all of the chores it takes to keep this place running.

About five days ago, I met another SB. To update you all, the Sugar Mom hasn’t really spoken with me much and it’s just hard to get excited about her. The Orlando girl went out to LA for a week and had a disaster of a time, and is kind of down on herself. Regardless, I was feeling ignored so I went and sniffed around Sugar Daddies again.

So I see this girl on there, and she’s about 5 hours from here, and she’s pretty in her pictures and her profile makes me laugh, so I message her.

I hear right back from her – girls, this is SO important. If you’ve got an inbox stuffed with emails, clear it, even if it’s just to say, “Sorry, not interested.” The deal is, you can meet someone in there who interests you, message him/her after five days and, no matter what your excuse, he’s going to think, “She’s playing a wide field,” and de-prioritize you.

We start to email and we have a LOT in common, much as I’m 23 years older than she is. She’s also claiming to have been hurt recently and is in rehab, and THAT, my droogies, is ALWAYS a red flag. Remember, there are three types of SBs:

Smart whores
Bad Accountants
Women who want rich husbands

Go back in the archives if you want to read more about them, but there you are. Smart whores have a knack for doing very little for very much, and one way they do it is to come up with a legitimate-sounding reason why they can’t meet you, but still need your money for that occasion when they do. That occasion simply never happens, and eventually you realize that you’ve spent a lot of money for porn you could get on the Internet for free.

So my whore lights are flashing as we’re getting to know each other when, lo and behold, it turns out this girl is a young exhibitionist. I get a few PG pictures and then one of her nude in a chair where she’s kind of stretching, so it’s more of a classy than a pornographic nude.

“Wow, very nice.”

“I don’t usually show those,” she says, “but I like you.”

Add the alarm to the flashing lights. We really haven’t been talking that long, but then, if she likes to be nude, there ya go.

A few more days pass, and we text a lot. We’re exchanging ideas, we’re talking about rehab and how screwed up insurance is. We talk about how she got hurt, how her job laid her off right after (which is bullshit, but welcome to the new economic situation brought to you by Barack Obama), how hard it is to continue getting treatment.

Friday she’s in a lot of pain and she’s run out of pain medication. OK, I think, here it comes.

“What does that cost?” I ask.

“$45,” she responds. Turns out she has all of three dollars to her name, and she’s living with her mom, who’s on retirement.

OK, there’s an anomaly. I don’t expect a free ride, but I’m not paying someone whom I’m never going to meet, either. She HAS been pretty generous with a few self-movies she’s done, and not asked for anything for them. I can pay the piper just because I like what I’m getting.

So I send her $250 through Pay Pal. She didn’t ask for it, but the girls who are good at this never do. However, you can say that pain killers cost anything. Why not say “$150” for pills? Like I said, worth the risk.

Her response is a flood of naked selfies and a couple movies of her in the bathtub. I admit, this is a really, really beautiful girl who knows how to act beautiful rather than slutty. Half the time, you get pictures from a girl which would embarrass a gynecologist. OK, if this is going to go forward, then this is going to have a meet date, because I know how I’m feeling about her (not just the pictures but the conversations), and I don’t want to hand her a hammer and say, “Break my heart.”

Well, she’s going to be in Tennessee in October….

Negative. Not waiting that long. How about a couple weeks, I go there and take you out to dinner.

Well, she’s really not mobile, and she’s had to discontinue her PT, because after the lay off her insurance wanted to revert from her company policy back to her own.

OK, I’m thinking. Here it comes. “How much is PT?”


Which is what I would expect it to cost, having done it, and not what you’d expect a smart whore to ask for. Again, $150 is nothing. We set a deal. She does her PT and we’re meeting in three weeks, when she should be walking.

By the way, could you send me a pic of you at your PT? Sorry, I’m suspicious.

I get the picture, she’s clearly on PT, she’s clearly hurt her knee. Wow, honesty and NO greed. She’s actually enjoying doing this as much as I am.

This morning I get a couple more movies from her, just to say, “Good morning.”

You don’t strike gold like this too often. We’ve spoken on the phone so I know she’s a girl (there are dudes out there who do this for an actual living – brrrrrr). It’s a good start and leaves me a lot happier than I’ve been with other girls.

So good news for you, my droogies. You should be getting some pretty good updates

Yours always



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