The average girl, over the ultra-mega girl

Hello, my droogies. I’m taking a short break from programming to write this.

It was an interesting weekend. I have horses, so of course I’m thinking what everyone who owns horses is thinking all summer – where will I get winter hay? Winter hay is tricky – you want to buy a little more than you need, and store it properly, and it’s all dependent on the weather. The beginning of this spring was hot and dry, but the summer has been wet and cool. That means that people who grow hay were thinking, “I won’t have enough,” and now they’re terrified that they’ll get stuck with it.

Which is how I bought 30 rolls for $1,100 delivered, thinking I’d get 21,000 pounds, and ended up with 40,000 when the rolls showed up WAY bigger than I expected.

It also means my tractor can’t move them to a 2nd tier like I need, and THAT means that I need to get a bigger tractor or hire someone to stack them for me.

It ALSO means I built my hay barn too small, and didn’t leave enough time to put a roof on it, and if it rains real hard, I could have issues. Wet hay will mold or, worse, spontaneously catch fire.

So here I am, busy all weekend, and everyone wants cash. I don’t keep much cash on hand, I have it working for me. Also the Little Treasure (my daughter)’s wedding is still being paid off. So now I start to here from the two remaining Sugar Baby contenders, the somewhat plain one from Orlando, FL, and the Super Ultra-Mega Sugar Baby from SC.

The latter, SUMSB, starts to message me like crazy because she’s come up with new reasons to want money (like illegally buying percoset from her friend to assuage her knee pain) and as you all know, I HATE to be pestered. I told her a bunch of times I won’t have time for her this weekend, so I get calls, texts and some REALLY graphic pictures of her, which I also don’t like.

The Orlando girl sends me a “You’re quiet,” text, I tell her what’s going on and that’s it.

If you’re needy over the phone, you’ll be worse in person, and I was starting to get the idea that SUMSB is another “never meet” girl. She’s also sent me so much self-porn and I’m actually sick of looking at her.

So there you have it, believe it or not – the plainer girl whose personality is SO much better, is beating out the prettier girl with issues.

What a thing to share, eh, my droogies?

Take care – it’s back to work!

Your SD


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